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From small innate gathering to large and lavish affairs every event is unique and says a lot about who you are. At Oaken events. we are passionate about what we do. We believe that all events should be extraordinary. Our services cover everything from security to lightning to decor to menu and drinks.

We create experiences, not just events!

Our memories are perhaps our greatest treasure. Oaken Events goes beyond the typical approach to event management and design. We recognize that your event is a special moment and strive to create breathtaking experiences that capture the occasion and leave a lingering sense of awe.


Every client is special. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Indeed your wish is our command! We ensure that every event planned is unique, memorable and special. We ensure that all our events represent our client’s personality and style. Whether you wish to throw a birthday party, a themed event, romantic destination wedding or a ball, Oaken Events will create a breathtaking event, one that will leave long lasting memories and cherished moments for you, your entire family, your friends and guest.

Our Team

Our team consists of a group of professionals who are passionate and dedicated to achieving desired results. We partner with our clients to design timeless experiences that create unforgettable memories. From the first moment to the last, we carry our clients on a journey to be savored, enjoyed and remembered.