Welcome back guys! Your support has been nothing short of overwhelming, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for all the messages and the prayers. I pray that as you have prayed for us, the Lord fulfills all your hearts’ desires beyond your wildest expectations. For the strong, persevering women who also shared their struggles and hopes, wow! I see you! And your struggles are not in vain. If you are out there and you are feeling just as broken, just as frustrated, please know you’re not alone in this and your challenges are SO valid, don’t be afraid. I truly hope you get your happy ending.

Let’s continue (see part 1, and part 2)… three months after the last failed cycle, my doctor said he was ready. The Lupron hormone had put my reprodutive system on pause temporarily, and Dr Sobel was confident that my estrogen would have been supressed long enough to possibly make a difference with the endometriosis. The plan was to kickstart my body again and go with a similar protocol to what we had done in IVF cycle 2. The hope was to get bettter results since the endometriosis would have quieted down.

At the beginning of the cycle, my husband and I agreed to take it for what it was and not let ourselves break down like we did the previous time. With expectant hearts, we dove right into things and something magical happened – my eggs flourished! On the day of the egg-retrieval, we prayed and headed in for battle. At this point we had become pros of the egg-retrieval game so we were just so laid back and somehow at peace. A couple of minutes later, I woke up to the best news! They had retrieved TEN eggs! We were ecstatic and just so grateful to have made it this far. Ten whole eggs from my left ovary!

Then, the hunger games started.

  • The Lab Wait Period

For anyone who has ever had IVF, you are most likely familiar with the mind-freaking period of waiting to hear how your collected eggs are doing. It first starts with a call 24 hours after egg-retrieval, to tell you how many of the eggs were mature (ripe) and how many of those mature eggs were successfully fertilized. If you are lucky enough to have any survivors from there, you can proceed to the next 24 hours when they let you know how many are still standing (statistically some will stop growing at this point). If you get a call to say you still have eggs remaining by the 3rd day, you will be scheduled for a Day 5 transfer of the remaining eggs. It is TORTURE. Every night I prayed and held my breath as I waited for 10 am each day to hear back.

  • Day 1, 8:58am:  Out of 10 eggs, we are down to half. 5 of them are mature and 4 of them fertilized. We remain hopeful.
  • Day 2, 9:00 am:  All 4 of them are still growing , we’ll get confirmation tomorrow
  • Day 3 10:02 am: We are down to 3 which is enough to confirm a Day 5 transfer. God is working.

On Day 5, we transferred one embryo and began the two week wait.

This wait was full of all the usual pregnancy symptoms (thanks to the progesterone) but I ignored them. I started writing the first of these posts and just tried to get my mind off it. We had made it the farthest with our eggs and I was confident this was the last stop. We would finally have our baby.

On Christmas Eve, it was time to take our pregnancy test. This story I’m about to tell, I have never told anyone. We used one of those cheap strips (when you’ve taken several pregnancy tests, you start to buy in bulk), and waited the 3 mins. I don’t know how, but when we looked up, we saw two lines that indicated a positive. A POSITIVE guys! We started jumping until we realized the second line wasn’t a line after all- it was a freaking dent on the strip. It was horrible. I will never forget those 60 seconds of hope, just like I will never forget the minutes after. Your heart jumps and then it crashes and burns…. and burns.

30 minutes later after we regained feeling in our body, my husband looked at me and said the following “we will not break this time, tomorrow is a big day, we will move on and remember that God has a plan for us.” I truly believed and agreed in faith with him. We decided for that cycle to choose peace.

The next day, on Christmas Day, my period came.

In January of 2017, we headed back to see my Doctor. I was exhausted. Not sad, exhausted. Exhausted from constantly having to fight the jealousy when another friend announced their pregnancy; exhausted from holding back the tears when somebody you run into asks “so when will you guys start having kids”; exhausted from the random sharp pains I still felt from injections I had taken months ago. I was just TIRED. Infertility tries to devour every single part of you- the physical and the mental. I was sure I had nothing left to give. All I wanted for my 30th birthday was to be a mother and here we were in another year, with nothing to show but bruised thighs and an endless fertility bill. I was tired.

I’m not even sure I was mentally present at that follow-up meeting with my doctor. All i heard was “implantation failure”, “statistics” and of course “endometriosis”. I went home, called my mum and prayed like it was going out of fashion. I was truly helpless and just left it all to God. I had spent the last 3 years asking when? when? when? but it was now clear that it was out of my hands.

After our 3rd cycle failed and I began to crumble, my husband seemed to be spiritually gingered. He was so confident, it was scary. In January and February, we booked flights for the various trips we would be taking in the year and for every one he insisted on business class tickets for me, because in his own words -“you’ll be pregnant by then”. I didn’t argue because, hey, who doesn’t want business class tickets?!  We carried on with life and focused on other things. I started working out and focused on reversing the scars I had on the outside.

For months, we did tests including an implantation biopsy called Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA). This tests helps narrow down your most fertile period down to a couple of hours. I really recommend it for anyone who has gone through multiple fertility cycles. In between these tests, we had random hiccups like a new cyst and premature ovulation. I just took everything in stride, because I was tired. I knew it was out of my hands for sure and that even IVF was not magic. God still has the final say and I was powerless.

I have held back on discussing the faith portion till now, because if I’m being honest, my faith wavered with every negative but I have to talk about it especially as it pertains to my support system. When I felt weak, everybody rose around me. My husband was 150% sure we were going to get pregnant, even if it wasn’t now. He just kept saying- God has done it, God has done it. On my birthday in May, he showed me a birthday card he had pre-written to me 6 months prior in which he addressed me as Mummy. This man was not taking no for an answer. My friend Bolanle said something to me after the first IVF when I told her I had nothing else to give. She said “you just rest, cry and pick up when you’re ready, the rest of us will petition Christ for you”. This is how I know that even when your spirit is broken and you have nothing else to give, God still has your back.

In the last week of April, we found ourselves in the middle of another two week wait.

Mannn, this two-week wait was a different kind of mind-meld. I felt nothing. No progesterone symptoms, no stress, nothing. Every morning I woke up with the same song in my heart- “He has made me forget the sadness of yesterday”. The song just kept coming up and I told my mother, who was in the middle of a fast (as usual lol). She said to keep singing it over and over and focus on God’s promise because God had told her too and she was just waiting for the confirmation. I did as best as I could. I went to work as usual and kept things as clear as possible. I was not going to let this disappointment break me. Not again. During the wait, i felt an urge in my spirit to start writing these posts. I started things off with a post on How to Survive Trying to Conceive. Then, I felt another urge to give out a baby rocker on Aisle Perfect. The urges kept coming and I did all of them.

10 days before Mother’s Day, for the first time in 4 years, we got our positive.

For 1460 days, we prayed. For 1460 days, we persisted. For 1460 days we hoped and today, we are proof He answers.

When I started writing these posts in April, I  didn’t even know what my intentions were. For months, most of it has remained in my drafts, while I tried to fight the fear of exposing this truly sad part of my life. I knew I had to share it with someone so they could know they weren’t alone in this infertility struggle but out of respect for my other half, I held out for as long as I could. I just had to share EVEN before our testimony is complete. I ask you from the bottom of my heart to please keep us in your prayers, because the God that started this for us, will definitely finish it. I am sure people will judge me for sharing this before our child comes, but this testimony was mine to give. It has always been. I am testifying to what God has done for us because I promised I would.

The reality of infertility is this: It burns. It is hell on earth and it will do everything to break you. Just know that even if you break, you will always be made whole. Your perseverance, your faith, your spirit. It will all come out of it. Endometriosis ravaged my body but we’re still standing and I am so honored to be able to share this story with you guys. There are so many things I want to say about our struggle. I just don’t even know how to put it in words.  I do believe in God’s timing. I also believe in the tenacity of the human spirit. I also more than ever believe that you don’t know how strong you are until you’re forced to be.

More than anything, I believe it is so important to pick the right partner in life. I intentionally use the word partner because there is no other way to describe the role my husband has played in this journey so far. Marriage is hard work and requires both parties to give their best but what happens when one party just can’t? My partner has carried this family on his back with the right words, the right support and the right spirit. I am so grateful. Happy anniversary Olamide, may this covenant forever stand in it’s entirety.

I’ll share our anniversary shoot with you on Monday. I am so in love!

Photography: Kristen Weaver Photography ; Signs and Shoot Design: A Girl and Her Glitter, Makeup: LeJeune Artistry; Venue: Hilton Orlando

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  78. Blessing


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    Gloryyyy!!!!!!💃💃💃💃You shall carry to full term in Jesus Name,and not only deliver but u shall deliver an healthy baby, and by God’s grace both you and your husband shall be alive to nurture the baby to adulthood!! Congratulations Kunbi, I know exactly how you feel,and I can’t wait to testify too,so many time’s I have pictured myself sharing testimonies of my yet to be answered prayers (lol) but I’m certain I will… Congratulations again one more time and I wish u safe delivery…*You’re in my prayers too* cos I’m using u as a point of contact so definitely you must carry to full term and give us an healthy baby..Happy anniversary to you guys 😘

  84. Mummy Lat

    My baby girl! I am soooooo proud of you and Olamide, you are both living examples of the fact that those that put their trust in the Lord can never be put to shame.
    Continue to put your trust in Him ,He never fails.He that has started the good work will surely perfect it! Love you both.
    P/S Mummy Lat available for grandma duty.

  85. Jumoke

    I literally Broke down in tears cos I totally imagined how you felt the minute you got your BFP!!! God THANK YOU♥️!!! I key into this miracle and I ask that just has God has blessed you… this blessing would be Permanent in Jesus Name! Dear Kunbi, NO DEVIL SHALL STEAL YOUR JOY. This Joy would be Forever!!! AMEN. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

  86. Dunsin

    Congratulations Kunbi, this is so emotional and encouraging, thanks for sharing . God that started this will complete it in Jesus name. You trusted him and he came through. I will keep you in my prayers

  87. Dupe

    GOD is not a man that he should lie. He said we should cast our burden upon him and he will sustain us, and he will not allow the rightoues to be shaken. I rejoice with you dear. I pray you will carry to term and u will bring forth like the Hebrew woman. Ur children will surround ur table. I don’t know you personally but my heart is bursting with joy for u. Congratulations to and ur family. GOD BLESS ur home. Happy Anniversary to u guys.

  88. Genevieve Nwachukwu

    What an awesome testimony!! Truly
    God is good. Very happy for you and trust that God who started this good work is faithful to see it to completion.

  89. Taiwo O

    Wow! Im truly amazed by your strength and bravery. Im struggling with so many things…trying to take it one step at a time. God bless you Kunbi, God bless Olamide. It shall be well with your family. Good news will be yours in the mighty name of Jesus. Thanks for sharing your story. 💖💖

  90. Soum

    Oh!! It ended in praise…God is too faithful to fail…you will carry to term in Jesus Name Amen!!!

  91. Simi

    So happy to hear this. God indeed is faithful and He will finish what He has started in your marriage and family. All of God’s joy and presence as you and hubby experience this exciting journey ahead.

  92. Ifearibatise

    It is finished ! Hallelujah !

  93. Aisha

    Indeed God is faithful and makes all things beautiful in his own time.You are so brave to share your story and happy you are able to share this testimony.This testimony is the assurance of faith that He who has began this good work will surely complete it hun.God bless you,your husband and the little nation growing in you.It will all end in joy.God bless hun x

  94. Nekky

    I am literally bawling my eyes out. I can identify with everything you have said as I am going through my own battles with fibroid and multiple miscarriages. My dear, you are truly blessed. God bkess your home, your bundle of joy, your marriage, your husband and everything pertaining to you. You will carry this bundle of joy to full term, In Jesus Name, Amen.
    Thankyou sooo much for sharing and encouraging the likes of us who are still holding unto God with our ten fingers and ten toes.

  95. Diana iba

    God does not turn his back on his own. I am happy for you.

  96. Bimpe

    God is truly a good good father! I read all 3 parts of this story and all I can say is wow! I admire your strength, honesty, persistent faith and resilience. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you, and so I’m positive that your testimony has only just begun! Congratulations to you, your hubby and all the wonderful people in your life who were praying for you! May the sounds of your children’s laughter fill your home, and may other women going through this find encouragement in your story. Amen

  97. Atinuke

    Hi kunbi…I don’t know you personally…but i found myself praying for you in church yesterday..God would honor this step of faith you’ve taken and make your testimony complete .weeping may endure for a night but Joy come th in the morning..just keep confessing Gods word ..God is so interested in this

  98. Todi

    This story just made me cry like a baby, it reminded me of everything i went through while waiting. Infertility is so so stressful. I am so happy for you & it just goes to show that God never fails, he had never failed and he never will. Thanks for sharing your story, may God continue to bless your home & to everyone who’s waiting, baby dust to you all.

  99. Abi

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I broke into a smile while I was reading this. God will perfect all that concerns you. You are in my prayers 😘😘😘

  100. Ama


    YAYYYYY !!! So excited for you both. God that has given you this miracle will surely see you through this pregnancy and you will hold your babies in your arms, Amen!

  101. Sandra

    My heart is full of joy and happiness and I don’t even know you guys. Everytime your heart broke, my heart broke as well and now you rejoice I rejoice with you guys. I pray God’s blessings would be permanent in your life, these children that you have waited for would bring you nothing but joy and gladness, blessings upon blessings would be your portion. God bless you and congratulations

  102. Mouna

    🎶Changé mon histoire oo JÉSUS a changé mon histoire oo Il a essuyé mes larmes JÉSUS a changé mon histoire oo🎶. Sois bénie ! J’ai commencé à te suivre quand je préparais mon mariage en 2014 et j’ai toujours aimé votre couple. Que Dieu garde ton bébé et toi au creux de ses mains. Qu’il prenne le contrôle de toute ta grossesse et ton accouchement. Je prie que toute femme puisse connaître la joie de l’enfantement.

  103. Tobore

    God will perfect what He has started. This testimony will serve to encourage someone else. God bless your family. God’s time is always right and perfect, your joys and testimonies are just starting. Cyber 🤗

  104. Enolori@gmail.com

    Ah Kunbi, I was moved to tears! I am so happy for you. God is going to perfect and finish his work! My prayers are with you and your family . God loves u and he’s always there.. and ur testimony just goes to show that he really is always there to catch u and hold us up… congrats

  105. Adenike

    Your husband us a great man of God. I bless the Almighty God for making His words come to pass in your family. Non shall be barren in the land and none shall cast their young. This story is same with my daughter in Nigeria.God will lead them the right way to follow and will give birth to children like you IJN.

  106. Ife B.

    And they say there is no GOD…he is not a man that should lie or a son of man that should repent. He created the WOMB for a purpose..and the manifestation of that purpose is GLORIOUS! What a Mighty Father. Congratulations!!!!

  107. Dora

    I believed in my heart after reading the 1st part that part 3 would end in great news. Indeed God is faithful! I’m so happy for your family. Continued prayers for a healthy delivery. The God who brought you this far will complete it.

  108. Kachi

    He is a covenant keeping God! I praise and worship God because He wil surely finish what He started in your life in Jesus name. When your heart is overwhelmed, God will lead you to the rock that is higher than you. For He is a way maker! Hallelujah. I wish you all the best.

  109. abike_muhammed@hotmail.com

    may your joy be full, may you carry your baby and many more. God bless your home, may songs of praise never cease in your home!

  110. Tutu D

    Wow. God is forever faithful. He never ever disappoints. I thank God for your growing family. And pray that testimonies will forever be on ur lips. You will see your CHILDREN grow old. What God has started He will complete. You will hold ur grandchildren and even ur great grandchildren. God will protect them and favor will be theirs. In Jesus name. Amen. Thank God soo much. And u r def in my prayers.

  111. Ada

    Congratulations!!!! And I pray that the Lord will make your joy complete

  112. KJones

    I am elated for. I tell people all the time to want a baby or be pregnant is a feeling that is unimaginable. I personally don’t have any kids. My husband and I have chosen not to. But, I am a. L&D/antepartum nurse who has has the privilege of witnessing families at some of these points. Bed rest. Labor. Etc… I tell you, to hear your story and theirs makes be appreciate live and the giver of life. Jehovah hates to see when his creation suffers. That is and was not his desire for us but he does help us endure. I am delighted to read Your story. Although not easy it was beautiful. I wish all the best and do not loose faith.

  113. Enitan

    Hhmmm… So I’ve come across your page from Berry Dakara’s blog. I love your faith filled testimony. I pray that God who has started this good work will complete it. The blessings of the Lord which addeth no sorrow shall be your portion In Jesus Name. E-hugs

  114. Medjhy Doirin

    I stumble upon your blog this morning and the title caught my attention, and I knew instantly I had to read it. Thank you for sharing your amazing testimony with a fellow IVF. I know all the struggles you felt, the pain, the disappointment, the hurt, the tears and so on. Your story just gave me hope not to give up and believe God has a plan in store for my husband and I. I may not know you, but as my sister in Christ I’m sincerely happy for you and your husband and happy Anniversary.

  115. Kunbz

    The lord will complete what he had started with you!!! Indoiring story.. i shed a tear… God keeps to his promise… you will carry this child in you arms… im jesus name❤️

  116. Megha

    Congratulations!! I stumbled upon your story through Instagram and can feel the raw emotions of each and every word. Having struggled with trying to conceive ourselves, both my husband and I are true believers that it’s all in god’s hands and he is always looking out for us. Thanks for sharing your story! I am praying for a healthy pregnancy for both of us and that others going through the same journey get strength, cpurange abd their happy ending.

  117. Bobs

    God of awesome wonders! Onise iyanu!! What?! Who says there is no God. There was no hard guy for me reading this, I read this post with fear but more with resounding hope as I read through each line. I am indeed very happy and I pray that which the Lord has started he will finish in good faith. I join my heart in prayers with you and your family and await the great news of the arrival of the bundle of immense favour, grace and mercy te Lord has gifted you and yours. God indeed has shown you love. Congratulations!!!

  118. My heart goes out to you and your husband. Couldn’t be more happy and excited for you. Thanks for sharing your emotional journey it is truly an inspiration.


  119. Gloria

    With the way your mother sows into people’s lives God will never forget your family. I’m so happy for your family. Thank you for sharing your testimony it proves again that delay is not denial God is faithful

  120. B

    Adekunbi, Congratulations to you and Olamide! Thank you for sharing this story. It was a incredibly painful road to walk, but I pray that you will continue to have happy endings. You bring so much joy to others, so I am joyful to see you full of joy and promise.

  121. Lois

    I literally had tears in my eyes reading your story. After our first son, we tried for almost 2years before having our second son and it was tough. I had packets of pregnancy and ovulation kit, I was always taking the test which usually comes out negative. I saw 3 different doctors who told me to wait before starting any treatment, out of frustration a friend of mine recommended Clomid which I took for 2months which didnt work. I prayed and I told God if by March 2017 I wasn’t pregnant, we will start some form of fertility treatment. To the glory of God I got pregnant naturally in Sept 2016. Thank so much for sharing your story. I pray that God will hide you baby(s) under the shadow of his wings, he will be with you throughout this journey, in months to come, you will testify like Hannah(1 Sam chp 2). Singing this song for “O ti mu mi gbagbee ibanuje igba kan, a se were ni se Oluwa Oba ti a pe ton he (Forgive my yoruba). May God bless you and your hubby!

  122. Lois

    I literally had tears in my eyes reading your story. After our first son, we tried for almost 2years before having our second son and it was tough. I had packets of pregnancy and ovulation kit, I was always taking the test which usually come out negative. I saw 3 different doctors who told me to wait before starting any treatment, out of frustration a friend of mine recommended Clomid which I took for 2months sadly it didnt work. I prayed and told God if by March 2017 I wasn’t pregnant, we will start some form of fertility treatment. To the glory of God I got pregnant naturally in Sept 2016 and had my baby in May 2017. Thank so much for sharing your testimony. I pray that God will hide you baby(ies) under the shadow of his wings, he will be with you throughout this journey and in months to come, you will testify like Hannah(1 Sam chp 2). Singing this song for you “O ti mu mi gbagbee ibanuje igba kan, a se were ni se Oluwa Oba ti a pe ton he (Forgive my yoruba). May God bless you and your hubby!

  123. Al

    You are one strong woman. I’ve been following aisle perfect since The #ko2012 days started and to read this was so touching, I felt like my sister got pregnant. Your strength is something else. God is such a faithful God And it shows how being optimistic and having faith in God He can only reward you. May He bless your husband for his support, you both are in my prayers

  124. Memkoh


    When I met you in June or July, I had no idea what battle you were facing but I so remember your radiant spirit and I thank God for giving you the courage to smile in the midst of your pain. Also, unlike some, you didn’t project that pain on anyone else or make it change your attitude. Truly, you are blessed, your husband is God-sent and Psalm 121 is yours. Never forget where your strength comes from as you carry your little one(s) and I wish you alllll the best with your pregnancy! It will be an honor to style you for your maternity shoot when your bump grows but I know that as a private person, you might hold back. If you do decide to go ahead with a shoot, let me know. Those babies deserve every beautiful thing! ❤️

  125. Fatma

    Hello Kunbi, God is Good! I shed tears while reading your post. I have always heard the word endometriosis but didn’t really know what it means. Thank you for sharing your story and enlightening us. I pray that Our Lord guides and protect you. So so happy for you. God is Good!!!!!

  126. Frida

    I don’t know you personally, but I am completely and utterly overjoyed for you and your husband. I was in tears reading this post, especially when you got your period on Christmas Day, and also when I read what your friend Bolanle said. I’m not the most religious of people, but this definitely made me think a lot more about the power of God, and his ability to do absolutely anything! I wish you a wonderful, beautiful, stress-free pregnancy, and a safe delivery. May your baby fill your hearts with everlasting joy, and may he fill your home with love and laughter. Your husband sounds like an absolutely amazing man, who is supportive and strong. May God continue to bless your marriage, and may you be together till you are old and grey.

  127. Cynthia

    Big big congratulations to you and your husband!!!!! I am so excited and sure that you will have a beautiful healthy baby and be alive in good health too for the Lord who has started the good work will bring it to completion. Your posts made me cry and ask God for babies for people as my Christmas gift. So for everyone trying to conceive there shall be a rain of babies.

  128. Dami

    Speechless! Wow! May God bless your family, and may your child bring you endless joy all the days of your life. This testimony is a blessing to many of us. Thank you for sharing. The Lord who has begun this beautiful thing will indeed be faithful to complete it. ^hugsssss^

  129. Ope

    Somehow I stumbled on this post… I’m shaken… but I’m very grateful and happy for you. I’m sorry about everything you’ve had to go through but there’s really no testimony without a test. May God bless and continue to uphold you. We’re waiting for your newest addition😘😘😘

  130. Ije

    Congratulations Kunbi and Olamide. Your testimony shall be complete in Jesus Name. God is perfecting all that concerns you and will continue to do so in every area of your life. You have been blessed with a platform that will enable you to help so many people. In planning weddings and now in fertility struggles which we are always afraid to talk about. Faithful God we thank you for the beautiful baby about to arrive. ❤️

  131. Mae

    Gosh it was so hard to stop the tears while reading through them. I bless God so much for you Sis. It brought so many memories for me, How I went through the infertility journey while also going through abuse and the judgement that I wasn’t worthy from those I looked up to for their support.

    God is indeed faithful and I believe He has perfected your testimony. This is just the beginning,there is so much more God has in stock for you. Love you bigly and my prayers are with you and your wonderful husband. You are amazing.

  132. ara

    I am soo soo happy for you and your hubby! I am in tears and i am at work! Thank you so much for sharing such a difficult and hard topic that most people, especially nigerians shy away from talking about. congrats!

  133. Somto

    My sister in law sent this to me, so happy for the both of you. I was diagnosed with Endometrosis stage 4 this Oct, 2017. Thanks for sharing your story. God bless your home❤️👶🏾

  134. Funmi

    I join my faith with your beloved partner to say ” MUMMY WISHING YOU A SAFE PREGNANCY AND SAFE DELIVERY” Thanks for sharing your pain of victory with us. CONGRATULATIONS.

  135. Titi Oyebade

    I believe I stumbled on this site today to encourage me. I have PCOS, and after a 3 year wait had a daughter. Now it’s been almost 3 years, and the desire for another baby won’t leave. My friends have encouraged me to try IUI or IVF and reading your story has me so encouraged that with God, all things are possible. Thank you so much for sharing!

  136. Nana

    Wow sis, after 18 years of this painful journey, I have not had the courage and words to express this silent killer as well as you have just done. I pray that as am writing this the God that we serve has fulfilled your dream and is preparing your womb for double blessings. NOT an easy journey, but stead fast in your faith and in his due time he will make all things beautiful. God bless.

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