Hello Friends! My name is Nadine and I am going to discuss my fitness struggle. It is a struggle because I’m not my idle weight nor fitting in my old clothes. My friends say I’m fine but it is not helping. I keep crying over and over again so this is serious. I’ll try to fix this and blog where people can relate. Some of my girlfriends have never been overweight in their life so how can they relate? They cannot.
I am working out independently (through fitness classes like Barry’s Bootcamp), with a remote trainer and a nutritionist. Let me explain the remote trainer. I send photos and weekly calories and he sends recommendations for workouts, food, and calories. Nutritionist reminds me of alternative foods and provides tips to eat out and change lifestyle.
I’m 30 lbs from my idle weight which is a lot and I’ve been struggling since Sept to lose it. Ok that’s enough of my complaints. What am I doing go change? I took a blood test for thyroids because clearly working out 3 days a week and counting calories for 1900 will make me lose weight.
Results via doctor’sphone call: I am the same weight and healthy … Except for my BMI. BMI doesn’t lie it says I’m im obese (see my friends were not helping) …. I wasn’t obese in 2015, 2014, 2013…. Picture me screaming internally. I was also the day kid growing up though.
How did I handle the news? I do what anyone normal girl would. I cry in bathroom at work. I cry on phone to husband. I just cry and skip lunch because I’m too sad to eat (this part is bad- I don’t advocate skipping any meals).
I end up digging into my lunch bag at 3:30pm because I’m starving but I didn’t enjoy my meal.

Ok tears are over and now it’s down to business. 24 hours later… I’m 32, need to eat 800* to 1100 calories max. I tear up again because I do like food and count my calories. I also do not believe in anorexia, bulimia, and any dangerous diet. I’m working with my doctor who told me to cut calories “this low.” Yes I gave her a side eye too.

Meal plan:

  • Morning: Greek yogurt, isopure protein shake.
  • Lunch:. Baked chicken, sweet potato (4oz) and broccoli (6oz)
  • Snack: apple, kind bar
  • Dinner: steak, broccoli (6oz)

Calories: 1260 Cal’s approx

ok I guess no more apple and kind bar. My Nutritionist and remote trainer say snackijg means you didn’t eat enough during meal. So I must up my protein. I will report again soon here is my photo for accountability .

There will be no skinny me unless I take these steps.

*under close doctor supervision

  1. Addy

    You can do it Nadine! It’s not easy, these weight struggles are so real!. Some people lose weight so easily and wonder why you can’t lose just like them, we are all built different. I also have the snacking problem. I remember when I lived in ny, I don’t think I ever wondered about my weight but since moving away, not running after trains/buses has caught up with me. I too like food, I think burning calories through daily activities you don’t have to think about works the best like walking to work or things like that. It’s tough to limit your calories so much, u will feel like u are starving and then go crazy at exactly 4.30/5pm. But we can do it, we just have to carve away time to focus on ourselves and our happiness. Wishing you the same luck I wish myself!

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