Just as the saying goes “Health is Wealth”,  good health habits can help you avoid illness and improve your quality of life. Ask Damz, certified health nutritionist and weight loss expert, is here with these quick tips to a healthier lifestyle:


Daily exercise cannot be overemphasized. If you want to live well and live long, you must exercise (sorry guys!). Studies show that even 15 minutes of exercise makes a difference. If you’re not a big fan of traditional routines, dancing can do a lot. Just put on the music and dance in your living room, bedroom or wherever is comfortable for you. It is advisable for all adults within the ages of 18- 60yrs to engage in a physical activity for a minimum of 3hrs per week.

Balanced and healthy diet consists of all the nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins along with sufficient water (approximately 8 glasses of water a day) depending on the individual and roughages, so a balanced and healthy diet consists of a number of food items which taken together to provide the body with the right amount of nutrients. To live a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to include fruits and vegetables to your meals. I know this is not what you want to hear but it’s time to get real. Grab that extra apple or papaya and suck it up! You’ll be thankful on the long run.

Vital signs are an important component of a basic health checkup in early detection of signs and symptoms of some ailments. Eg: using your blood pressure monitor to check your blood pressure daily and if there is an inflation in your blood pressure, it would be detected early and severe cases like stroke and death can be avoided. We’re getting older and we need to take our vitals seriously. Remember, prevention is [way] better than cure.

A good night’s rest: Well-rested people not only cope better with stress, but may also have better control of their appetites. Research has shown that a lack of sleep can put our “hunger” hormones out of balance and possibly trigger overeating. It’s important for an adult to have a minimum of 6 to 7 hours of sleep in a day. Set sleep reminders on your phone and force yourself into bed.

Brush and floss daily keeps our teeth and gums healthy and free from diseases. Yes, your teeth need love to and no one wants a must mouth when living  a healthier life. Clean mouth, clean life!


GIVEAWAY: So, here’s the gist of things: Healthy living  is a LONG TERM commitment not a flash-in-the-pan fad. It reduces the risk of common diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases etc. So you can’t play games with your health! The importance of living a healthy lifestyle cannot be over emphasized. To help you kickstart your new fabulous life, we’re giving away one 4-week virtual fitness coaching membership with Ask Damz. All you have to do to enter is:

  1. Follow @askdamz and @aisleperfectliving on Instagram (You must  be following to qualify)
  2. Comment  on THIS INSTAGRAM POST on @aisleperfectliving with your username and feel free to share what you are doing differently towards a healthier life.
  3. This giveaway is open to all countries as the coaching will be 100% virtual. Deadline for entries is Sunday November 6th 2016 at 5:00 pm EST.

  1. Mercy Anwana

    I work out everyday morning and evening. Eating as healthy as possible, drink atleast 8 glasses of water everyday and i try as much as possible to stay away from sugar and anything that is harmful to my health, i go to bed on time and most importantly i meditate because it keeps me going.

  2. @ms_endee

    In an attempt to “snap back” from the baby weight, I portion control and try to go for healthier options.

  3. Queen Dalughut

    I go running at least three times daily, I try to eat healthy by juicing, eat less cabs. Lossing my baby weight is hard.

  4. Hussaina Abdulkadir

    I am not only skinny but petite. Currently on my 48kg. That’s the highest I’ve ever attained and I’m in my late 20’s. It all seems perfect except for my tummy pouch. That’s embarrassing as hell. For now I’m trying not to eat to late. Exercise makes me loose body wwight. However, my creativity when it comes to meals is zero. Tried reaching out to the team at @askdamz as much as I love the package can not afford it. Just doing my little thing hoping it gets my desired goal.

  5. barbara

    I started working out in august after I had my baby in march, I work out 4 times in a week and try to portion control is working but I noticed amnot rereligious about it I also tried reaching to askdamz as I have been following her since my preggy days but I can’t afford it, I really wish and pray I get this opportunity cos my weight is making me depressed and not focusing on my marriage I look like my husband’s mother with the weight gain… pls help me

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