If you open up Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, you will certainly be overwhelmed by the number of food bloggers that are out there. The web seems to be literally saturated with them. How does one choose which ones to actually follow? Which food bloggers will fit your personality—and by that I mean which ones will share recipes that amount to the same expertise of whipping up boxed mac and cheese?

For the novice and not so novice foodies, there are plenty of options out there, but we thought we would save you some time and do the work of weeding through for you instead. So here is a list of 10 food bloggers that you MUST be following now. They will inspire you, make you laugh, and above all, give you amazing recipes that will not take a culinary degree to make!

1. A Couple Cooks

Food bloggers you need to follow

There may be something to the saying, the couple that cooks together stays together. This couple certainly has had a lot of challenges they have overcome that they share on their blog with delicious vegetarian recipes intertwined. One look at their son one-year old son Larson and you will be head over heels!

2. Half Baked Harvest

Food bloggers you need to follow - turkey meatballs recipe

Young recipe developer Tieghan Gerard got her start at cooking when she began helping out to make meals less chaotic for her family of nine. Her photos are gorgeous pieces of art. Recently, Tieghan’s brother Red won gold for the United States at the Winter Olympics so there is definitely a celebratory dinner in his future!

3. Grandbaby Cakes

Food bloggers you need to follow

Inspired by her grandmother’s recipes, Jocelyn Delk Adams decided to bring the vintage recipes up to speed for the modern day. There’s a beautiful story of tradition and baking with love that is seen in Jocelyn’s work. And one look at these Salted Caramel Popcorn Brownies, and you will be sold!

4. Foodace

Single handedly responsible for my endless drooling on Instagram, Foodace is a heavy hitter in the Nigerian food scene. Every single meal is dream worthy, from the staple rice dishes, to the more adventurous savory dishes. We simply cannot get enough!

5. A Classic Twist

Food bloggers you need to follow- pie recipe

This neuroscientist turned baker, home chef and blogger notes that her first baking experience was a disaster. Yet, looking through her pages of beautiful cakes, cookies and other goodies, you would hardly believe it. Zainab offers classic recipes but with fun and bold twists, so you can shake things up in the kitchen.

6. RecipeTin Eats

This is your no-nonsense kind of food blog. Easy recipes, cost effective and not a lot of fluff. Nagi Maehashi was born in Japan and raised in Australia and has traveled all over the world. This brings lots of flavor and flair to her recipes but still without a lot of fuss.

7. Pinch of Yum

Mushroom Fettucine Recipe

4th grade teacher turned full time food blogger and we couldn’t be more grateful. Another couple who works together, Lindsay on the creative side and Bjork on the tech and operations. This couple has also had their share of heartache with the loss of their premature son and have shared their heart and soul with their readers.

8. Hummingbird High

 blood orange cake donut recipe

By far some of the most beautiful baked goods live on this blog. Michelle, the baker extraordinaire, likes to use simple, accessible ingredients in her baked goods but also confesses that she is known to make some quirky flavor combinations at times.

9. Kroll’s Korner

pistachio cranberry cookies

Spunky, loveable elementary school dietitian Tawnie Kroll is the face behind this food blog. She whips up simple classics with a twist like these Chewy Pistachio Cranberry Cookies. Lots of videos and live demos on her social media account just make you fall in love with everything about this blogger.

10. Abbey’s Kitchen

red velvet protein pancakes

Another dietitian food blogger and her humor again is what we love, and also these Red Velvet Pancakes. Abbey portrays an alter ego, Debbie to help share the truth on lots of health and wellness myths. Abbey is quite the foodie and she will share things that she eats that you didn’t even know existed. Beautiful cuisine is her thing.



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