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Aisle Perfect Bridesmaid dresses under $100 by 4

TGIM! Bridesmaids dresses can be such a stressful topic for so many reasons including cost! If you’re looking to keep costs low while maintaing some major fabulousity, online fashion store Lulu*s is for you. I’ve been a loyal customer of LULU*s since they started and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Soooo as your fair bride-mother, I’ve compiled EIGHTEEN bridesmaid dresses all under $100 (save for one that I just¬†had to sneak in)- all from¬†Enjoy!

Aisle Perfect Bridesmaid dresses under $100 by 3

$49 – this dress is perfect for a summer wedding

convertible bridesmaids dress under 100

OH MY GOSH! ( $68 via

Elegant bridesmaid dresses under $100

$108 (whatever, it counts!)



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