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Ahhh! I can’t believe I’m actually saying this! We have an APP! Yes people! For those of you who don’t follow our social media accounts (fix that now: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), we unveiled our new Aisle Perfect Weddings mobile app. Now you can take the blog everywhere with you and enjoy all the wedding inspiration you can handle (because you can never have too much).

The new Aisle Perfect Weddings app breaks everything down to the basics: from Real Weddings to Inspiration & Ideas, there’s a section for everything! Honestly, we’ve made everything easy for you. Now you have no excuse to plan your #aisleperfect wedding. So download now.

To celebrate our new “baby” we’re giving away the new Apple Watch Sport to ONE lucky reader. All you have to do to enter is:

  1. Download the new Aisle Perfect Weddings app (click here for iOS )
  2. Play around with it and let us know your favorite thing about it in the comments below.

This Giveaway is open to US and Nigeria Residents only. It will close at 7 pm (EST) on Friday June 12 2015. A winner will be announced shortly after.

*we reserve the right to verify your download of the app to confirm a qualified entry*

apple watch giveaway

**This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by Apple.


    I love being able to go through the menu and select the area of interest and scrolling through the different articles until something catches my eyes! Makes it easy to share with my bridesmaids to show them my inspiration!

  2. Whitney Delbridge

    I love the app…everything about it!! If I have to name just a few, the “Planning Tools”, “Inspiration & Ideas”, and “Real Weddings” sections are awesome for planning tips. As a bride to be, there is no such thing as TOO much inspiration. I love being able to get great recommendations and check out current trends all in one place.

  3. Henna Ali

    I really love the app, and it’s really great because I get a lot of bridal henna clients who are always looking for ideas and help, so I’ve already referred a lot of them to go check the app out. Also it’s very simple and easy to browse around through it.

  4. UCHE adeeko

    One stop wedding store app for all your happy after ever endings from ideas to inspirations capturing every moment all the way! Thank u….loving My Aisle Perfect

  5. Jaden™

    I love how easy it is to go through the posts without waiting for the Internet to buffer x_x. Naija struggles. And it’s pretty, too

  6. Bisola Karim

    I like the two different app navigation styles: you can scroll up from the landing page to see all the posts in reverse chronological order or use the fly-out menu to view the different categories which are also well defined. Love the general feel and design of the app. Great job!

  7. Kat S.

    The Aisle Perfect app is like the Swiss Army knife of wedding apps. As a newly engaged couple, it’s a little overwhelming (ok, it’s A LOT overwhelming). The Aisle Perfect app guides us through planning our perfect day.

    The UI is beautiful so it’s easy to navigate through the app itself and I love how it’s broken down to more ‘digestible’ topics as opposed to the ‘here, have at it! ALL THE WEDDINGS!’, but my favorite part is the Real Weddings section – it features the most beautiful real life weddings and gives me the inspiration and confidence that we can do the same! So kudos to the Aisle Perfect app!

    – Kat

  8. Kate Avella

    My favorite part of the whole app, other than how visually appealing it was and the ease of use, was the printable wedding budget planner. I have been having such trouble trying to get/stay organized and that will definitely help move planning in the right direction!

  9. Raquita

    I thought it was beauitfullly fluid, well thought out and easy to use. I love that the blog is so easy to access and all the categories are so well laid out

  10. Marisela A. Gonzalez

    Very cool! It’s very smooth and user friendly… I’m loving that you have your different categories.. I’m newly engaged and looking for lots of ideas, so I’m excited to use this!

  11. Elise Chateauvieux

    This app is so user friendly. Easy to navigate and organized which is what every bride that’s trying to gather ideas or plan a wedding needs. Simple and plenty of resources and inspiration. Love it!

  12. Jasmine – My Hotel Wedding

    Congrats on your app launch!!


    Absolutely love the app! Not only is it user friendly & the drop down menu includes great categories like ‘for the groom’, ‘bride bloggers’ & ‘Nigerian weddings’;the quality & clarity of the images is superb n high definition…top notch app…truly the best I’ve seen so far! Congratulations! You’ve pushed the bar!

  14. Kristen Mcclary

    i love how well set up it is and organized and i love all the inspirations and ideas!!! there are some i will definitely be using now

  15. Dariene

    I love how there is also a groom section in this app, while other apps forget all about them. Aisle perfect covers all the bases and scores a home run with this fan.

  16. Lucy Koivisto

    I’m getting married next summer so I love the articles you have. Mostly, I like that you can sort by topic. I’m not sure why a “similar” app suggestions was Kristin Cavallari but that was my only “hmm” moment so far. I love the layout and I think it works well for those that mainly surf from our handheld devices. I think it’s cool that there are “guest” sections too, and it’s not exclusively for the wedding planner. I’m impressed! I’ll be browsing the rest.

  17. Krista

    I’m getting married this October and I’m DIY-ing nearly everything. I love that you have an App now. The layout is beautiful as well as the visual aesthetic. Some feedback I have is I think the categories could be compartmentalized (eg “Fashion” articles are under “Fashion” instead of running with other headers.) I think there should be dates on the posts immediately in sight because sometimes when trying to recall an article, anything that helps someone remember is a bonus, especially when searching. Also wondering where the search function is?
    “Similar Apps” are a good feature for the information seekers out there. I am happy to mess around and look through more articles at my fingertips. Thanks, y’all!

  18. Jennifer

    My favorite part about the new app is its clean automatic reader view and easy navigation of several wedding ideas!! Just in time to go along with the venue shopping I’m currently doing! Can’t wait to look for more inspiration. Thanks for the timely release

  19. Jennifer

    My favorite part about the new app is its clean automatic reader view and easy navigation of several wedding ideas!! Just in time to go along with the venue shopping I’m currently doing! Can’t wait to look for more inspiration, thanks so much 😀

  20. Natasha Hazan

    The app is beautifully designed. The images are beautifully curated. The experience of going through brings excitement and anxiety all at once. You want to be able to bring all those details to life on your very special day. The menu is good for getting straight to the point answers.

  21. Haley Jane

    I like the app, but I wish there were more material! Also, another frustration I have (that I have for all wedding apps and blogs) is more REAL real weddings, i.e., weddings for less than $20,000.

  22. Ibukun Adeyanju

    I love the fact that my wedding planning process is made easy, as I carry aisle perfect everywhere I go. Hayyyyy

  23. Lea Anna

    Beautiful design, I like all the examples that are given for just about everything

  24. Jacquis Parker

    Every girls wedding planning and day is like a fairytale. This app just opens up the dream and fairytale to come to life. I love the dress ideas and the beatiful backgrounds giving a insight of glamour and ideas for that special day. Being able to read and to experience and see real wedding and wedding from different countries is amazing because it’s showing you that wow that will be one day. Hands down best wedding and life app. Love it!!!

  25. LolaAkintola

    Ok, besides the fact that this app is ultra sexy to look at (the colors, high def. pics, crisp white background for every post and just….all-round sleekness), I’d have to say my favorite features are the ‘Planning Tools’ & ‘For The Groom’ tabs. There may be many bridal sites / apps out there but I haven’t seen any that actually gives practical tools like the budget worksheet. And as a someone who’s prepping to be a first time maid of honor (whoop whoop) the ‘wedding roles of a bridal party’ came in quite handy. Lol. Then, the ‘For The Groom’ tab is also genius because sadly not many sites cater to them either. Great work!!

    • Aisle Perfect


      Hi Lola, Congratulations!! You are our winner!! Please shoot us an email with your mailing address ASAP 🙂

    • LolaAkintola

      Yaaaaaaaaay! Woooohooo!! Awesome sauce!!!

  26. KT

    I love how clean and simple the app is! I look forward to browsing the rest of the content and to seeing new content. I also love that, unlike with some other wedding apps, I don’t have to log in to use it. The inspiration tab is my favorite so far.

  27. Endia Turney

    I love the ease of use! It’s beautiful and so fluid.

  28. PO

    I love the app! It’s so clear and direct and easy to navigate! Awesome job 🙂 Im not married (or even engaged) but I just love to read all your posts! This is definitely one of my favorite apps.

  29. Akinwale Williams

    The Aisle Perfect App is a great app. What makes a great app? Well, that can differ based on each individual’s taste. But almost everyone in this mobile age of IOS and androids can agree on the a few things that I found while using the app. It’s simple. Simple on the eye. Simple to use. The use of flat simple typographic elements in its design, the use of grids and simple fonts make for a cleaner look and helps the functional use (especially one handed). Being able to swipe pinch scroll with simplicity and having access to simple navigation buttons makes the experience of viewing the beautiful posts which of pictures and concise posts. Most especially the consistent use of the right contrasts and tinting on the pictures helps for an interaction that is pleasant the eyes….simply said; Great App.

  30. Deanna Le Mon

    I love the aisle perfect app! Lots of great articles and blogs. Great inspiration pictures. I’m getting married June 13th so I’m gonna be on this app often. I’m always looking at your IG page for inspiration!

  31. Natalie Metze

    LOVE the app, I follow aisle perfect on instagram but now I get even more wedding to feed my addiction.
    Its more convenient having the app version because now I always have it easily at the tip of my finger to entertain me when im bored, or just want to look at wedding centerpieces (because who doesn’t???).
    THANK YOU aisle perfect for making this app and my dreams come true!!!!!

  32. C. Wiliams

    The app is great! Great inspirations for my Aug 2015 wedding. Oh, and it’s also easy to naviagate. 🙂

  33. Alexa

    I love how the different stories are laid out so well and seamlessly, so easy to find something! I also love how it’s broken down into so many sections, making it so nice when trying to find past inspiration! Love it! Love the design and feel of the font used in the intro of the app too, so pretty!

  34. latanya t

    I like seeing up close and personal photos of real people weddings. I also like the bridal shower section. Very detailed and high quality.

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  35. Jojams

    I think that this app is absolutely wonderful! I really like the side menu that opens on the right, it makes navigation very seem less and efficient. Great photography as well! Overall though, my favorite thing about the app is the ease of navigation. Thank you very much! 🙂

  36. Shari M

    I think my favorite feature on the Aisle Perfect app is the ability to share articles and tips easily, although I don’t think my bridesmaids will be as thrilled with the increased emails/messages. This is a great app and very easy to use. The images are very bright and clear. Thank you Aisle Perfect for helping brides like me with our wedding planning, this app is going to be frequently used.

  37. Sarah

    I love love the app! Everything about it is so awesome! I love that I can get all my info right there and then without having to click ‘read more’ or having to go to other pages. Plus all the images load on the page which is fantastic. As an avid reader of AP since its formation, I’m so proud of your journey…the sky is indeed the limit. Kudos!

  38. lohio

    omg! You have an app. I remember reading AP in the very early stages. I am so proud of you. I love the app. It is very user friendly! Thanks for helping me plan my wedding in a more convenient way!

  39. Jessica Milano-Limeberry

    Gorgeous ap! I always love seeing the real wedding section!

  40. Melanie

    So many great ideas. Planning my Bridal Shower now and this app will help.

  41. Madeline mindock

    Love the app! I looking forward to using the variety of categories in each stage of my wedding planning, and I love how it includes Engagement photo ideas and discussions as well! The planning tools tab is also very helpful! Thanks for all of the inspiration aisleperfect!

  42. 22lulu

    Love it! Super easy to navigate and, as expected, everything is beautiful!

  43. LaToya S Foye

    Wonderful app, beautiful display, great presentation of ideas and topics–the photographs draw you in before the articles can. I learned so much about creating new wedding traditions while preserving the rich cultural traditions. I have the app; now I need the groom!

  44. Bethany Barnett

    I love the seamlessness of the app! It’s very modern and sleek. It’s very easy to navigate as well.

  45. kristen

    I like the 3 buttons on the top of the content pages. Like the back, share and bookmark buttons. They’re really easy.

  46. Jaclyn Reynolds

    Love how easy it is to bookmark inspiring ideas. Very creative app!

  47. Remy Kay

    I like the “Real Weddings” section of the app. This makes me interested in submitting my upcoming wedding to AislePerfect which is June 4, 2016, so that my wedding will inspire others as well.

  48. Christina Morris

    I’m literally 2 weeks out from my wedding and the last minutes inspiration is great and easy to scroll through. Once something catches my eye I can easily look into more and get exactly what I need for my big day.

  49. Ebony

    What a functional and beautiful app! I particulary enjoy the color scheme used as it is very appealing to the eye. My Fiancé and I enjoy reading the Real Wedding section while we lay in bed together. The submissions are always inspiring, especially for those like us who are 49 days away (Midnight wedding on July 4). Keep up the great work, AP!

  50. Darling

    Great job on the app! I love that it’s so clean and easy to use! My favorite feature is the fact that you’ve included great images with each post. It just makes it so much for attractive than other wedding apps and sites. I look forward to using the app in the upcoming year or so!

  51. Danielle Marshall

    I love the app! So much inspiration in one place and so easy to use! Definitely will use it during the next year until my wedding!

  52. Dunni Alabi

    LOVE…LOVE…LOVE this app!!! It’s really helping me start my planning process and find unique ideas!! I like the fact that I can browse the app on my phone while on the go, in class and at the movies (please don’t judge I also loveeeeee how easy the app glides with the swipe of my finger. My favorite part of he app is reading other couples engagement and real wedding…I have shed some happy tears. Keep the ideas and stories coming…2016 is looking bright like a diamond!!! 🙂

  53. Michele

    What a great app! I’ve been playing around with it every time I’m out and waiting for someone. I love looking at wedding stuff and getting ideas for my own wedding. My favorite part is the ability to bookmark certain things. I’ve been looking at so many wedding things that the bookmarking will help me find things again more easily. Great job!

  54. Renee

    Nice app! Good for planning. My favorite thing about the app is the wealth of information and inspiration. Easy to use.

  55. Sia N. Korngor

    Love the app! It’s a great representation for you guys! It’s quick, easy to access, & fun! It can be used at ANY moment, especially when the last minute wedding ideas pop in your head this is a great tool! GREAT JOB APW! I’m very proud! Lol

  56. Tiffany Amen-Ra

    This is definitely my new favorite wedding app! The engagement photos and real weddings gives me so many great ideas. It’s easy to navigate and just a well done classy app! Thanks!

  57. Seun Olatunji

    Love! Love!! Love!!! I simply love this app. It’s so easy to use. The colors are great and so is every thing else. My best app yet!

  58. Kariba Spiff

    Congrats again on the app. My favorite thing about it is that all the ideas are collated in one easy to locate section and I don’t have to stress to find inspiration.

  59. Gbemisola Ero-Phillips

    The app is so beautiful, fits the iPhone screen perfectly. If I had to sum it up in one word, I’d say excellent. I don’t know how you did it, but it’s truly perfectly optimized for the iPhone 6, the resolution is amazing. I love that I can go to the sections I like easily. I do wish that I could save pictures directly, but bookmarking will do for now. And I think that’s my favorite picture. Congratulations , you just raised the bar!

  60. Melanie R.

    Perfection. Period. I absolutely love the app and all of it’s features. It is beautifully crafted. My favorite section of the app is “Real Weddings.” on October 17th of this year I will marry my absolute best friend and your Real Weddings column is nothing short of inspirational. Hopefully one day my fiancé and I will get to share our wedding journey/story with you <3

  61. Hayley S.

    This is a great wedding inspo on the go app! Beautiful layout and colors (I would expect nothing less though look at your website) it’s so easy to use and just takes one click to find the topic in looking for. Large pictures give it a “fun app feel” while still containing the writing material we all love. bravo

  62. Aduke

    I appreciate the style and feel of the app – consistent with the website and overall brand. App is very responsive and fast. And no bugs (so far)!

  63. Yewande

    The app is very easy to navigate. I love having access to so much inspiration on the go. My favourite section is “Inspiration and Ideas”

  64. Sarah Emee

    I’m loving the app. It is incredibly inspirational and colorful. It is also user-friendly. My favorite section is the planning tools. Giving me ideas for what to do for my future wedding.

  65. Stephanie Gregory

    Really excited to have all the joys of #aisleperfects blog right at my fingertips!

  66. Chelsea

    I love the bridal bloggers!! So good to see real brides planning and weddings! Love the app!

  67. Whitney

    Beautiful app. It rescued me from hours of boredom in the airport today!

  68. ruth igbinigie

    I cannot over emphasize this app! I downloaded this app 2 hours ago and I must confess, I am hooked. As someone who has a passion for planning weddings, I am able to gather a lot of information from wedding ideas, to dresses to fashion to honey moon…. But my favorite thing about this app is “the inspiration and wedding ideas” it inspires you and it makes it possible for you to be able to customize your wedding to that perfect idea you have always had in mind. If you plan you’re wedding the right way and the proper you would realize you wouldn’t need to spend a fortune just to create a perfect wedding.

  69. Damyleah

    I downloaded the app on my IPad and Android the day the announcements were made… Going through the app I realized it’s classy, and it gives an insight on wedding planning to a newly engaged couple or anyone basically wanting to know about weddings. I love the app because of the diversity. It shows the various cultures we have and how unique each cultures celebrate weddings. I love the App because of the insight it gives, the picture quality is perfect! The app opens promptly, the layouts are simplified. The app in one word is awesome. And lastly… Little data consumption…. Lol… Nice job.

  70. Lea Anna

    Will the winner be announced?