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Okay our wedding favors were one of my proudest accomplishments of wedding planning. I racked my brain for over four months trying to figure out meaningful and functional gifts for our friends and family. The great thing about Nigerian weddings is that you actually don’t even have to worry about wedding favors as someone – either your parents or a close family member or even an acquaintance (funny but true) will come with favors to give out. Besides our primary favors, there were bookmarks, bubus ( casual african loungewear), scarves and tote bags shared by members of our family.  You could basically walk in and leave with a full outfit- haha.

modeling by Bukky O
First up, we had custom created perfume favors by Rum ‘N’ Passion. We created fragrances similar to Flower Bomb, Gucci Guilty, CK black and a few others. A huge and special shout-out to my amazing friend and bridesmaid Kike of Style By Queens who even amid the most trying schedule of her life (Nigerian Bar Exams) liaised with Rum ‘N’ Passion, picked the scents, packaged and shuttled the bottles from Nigeria. Warning – packaging so many perfume bottles is a bi*## and a few glasses may break during transit. The good news is your suitcase will smell awesome.
We also had aprons. Yes, aprons! I really wanted to include something cultural in our favors and kept thinking of how to make it functional as well. I got this idea from event planner Lola Giwa’s wedding and enlisted my Mother as usual (sigh my mama is a rockstar isn’t she?). We separated our wedding favor bags into male and female and included these in the female packages (a bit sexist in hindsight lol)
We initially ordered these pillows as gifts for our parents but they umm have become a fun staple in our home. They are available at Red Envelope for about 50 bucks each.
Next up were our CD favors featuring a few of our favorite love songs. I had so much fun making these from scratch. I have to thank my friend Allison for helping out with burning CDs and labeling- a Godsend! 

You can see more on our DIY Wedding Favor CDs here

Of course the biggest hit were the sunglasses we gave out during the reception. I ordered these bad boys from and they went well with the little goodies we included in our Welcome Bags (click here)

  1. Chiamaka Abasilim

    Wonderful favours.

  2. Dress For The Wedding

    Ok, I was already pretty convinced that you had the most fabulous wedding – but now I learn that you also had your own perfume and such thoughtful favors – it’s a whole new level of incredibly chic! You truly thought of every detail!

  3. JohnJohhn

    Loved my favors… esp. the perfume and tote bag :)REWIND to September 1st 2012? PLEASE?!

  4. Odunayo

    Why am i just finding this blog?!!

  5. Maria Smith

    it is the best styleWedding Favors

  6. mouna

    I had the answer 🙂