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Prepare to have your minds blown. Lebanese designer Rami Kadi once again proves he is the King of couture. His latest collection of evening dresses are mouth watering to say the least. The “Le Gala Des Mystères” collection features awesome structure, amazing texture (the embroidery is to die) and jaw-dropping backs… *swoon*. Most of these dresses are screaming bridal perfection (in a different color of course) and we know you’ll find great reception inspiration from it. Like we said, prepare to have your minds blown. 
From the designer: 

Rami Kadi’s latest collection tell the tale of a graceful beauty, who, on a starlit night, was invited to attend a lavish gala in a far away palace, only to find time had betrayed her and she was standing amidst the remains of a party, torn and tarnished  by the years gone by, and left at the mercy of nature which was claiming back its stolen territories. It is within the décor of what used to be a palace, now taken over by rust, moist and climbing foliage that the scenery of this collection unfolds, taking us on a journey mixing luxury and grandeur to the  whispers of a revolting nature and a hurried time… From exquisite embroideries to dramatic volumes, where lace embraces noble fabrics in a ballet of creativity, Kadi’s collection for this season is set to bring yet another chapter of success to the young designer’s journey.

  1. Sara Burnett

    Oh my gosh I have adored Rami Kadi’s work ever since seeing him on Project Runway!

  2. Otiede Enifome Fidelia


  3. Berry Dakara


  4. Adoni Dowridge

    Omg I’m so in love with all his work . I have a question, where did he get the white and gold fabric from ? Or is it appliques on the dress ?