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We have been holding on to this post for a while and have decided not to be stingy after seeing Amber Ridinger’s magical dress (Check out our post on the #DNARoyalwedding) over the weekend . Australian design duo Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino started J’aton Couture in 1995. The line’s aesthetic is based on accentuating a woman’s curves with gorgeous embellishments, intricate detail and frothy tulle. We are in LOVE!

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see more HERE
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  1. Bola Krafts

    heart beating so fast! these dress designers are just so on point its amazing.


    oh Jisos! *sigh*no future comments

  3. Anonymous

    I’m not one to comment, but these dresses literally brought tears to my eyes and made me gasp. Absolutely beautiful!!

  4. Neme Feme

    Greatest wedding dress of all time. I’m obsessed and cannot wait until they get their site up and running. Whatever it takes, I will be married in that scalloped lace. Ugh.

  5. Janelle Newton

    these dresses are absolutely beautiful!!

  6. Parekh

    Wow, I must say you have a great eye for perfection. The bridal gowns you have displayed in these images are truly impeccable. I am not a great fan of grey but I really loved the gowns and dresses you have displayed here. Thanks for sharing this lovely blog friend.

  7. Yamit

    I’m in love with your designs! It’s absolutly not somethink you get to see.
    I’m getting merried in November. Please contact me. Best, Yamit

  8. Ottawa Photographer, Black Lamb

    These wedding dresses are absolutely gorgeous!

  9. aida

    hi i was wondering where in nyc are these dresses sold?

  10. Ella Herrmanm

    I would like to purchase the Jordie Gordon – J’Aton coutour wedding dress please let me know where I can get it thankyou 🙂

  11. adira

    I love you dresses how can we get connected more depth

  12. adira

    I love u dresses how can we get to contact more depth I want you dresses its black and gray

  13. Kristina McGeehan-Hall

    I am getting married for the second time – I am not a size 2 – I like your style but am concerned that I have to look like Rebecca Judd for you to look at me. I am looking for elegance and style with a nod to just a little eclectic. Can you genuinely work with me?

  14. Roc

    Im interested in J’aton wedding dresses. I live in Houston, are there any boutiques in Texas that sell that designer?

  15. Dami

    Please what is the price range of your wedding dresses and how do I get started? Thanks!

  16. Claudia

    I want to make an appointment to try dresses at New York

  17. Claudia Ferrer

    I want an appointment to try on dresses at New York

  18. jmbdancer

    These are gorgeous pieces! Now it’s a toss up between Alfred Angelo and J’aton for when I get married. Don’t hold your breath yet, though. I don’t even have a boyfriend! (Want to find one for me? haha!)

  19. Nicole Farrow

    I love your dresses

  20. Jen

    I have fallen so deeply in love with all the styles I’ve seen. The quality and the detail is far above anything else. If angels got married this would be the only designer suitable !!!

  21. Wysheka futrell

    I would like to.order a dress. How do I go about doing so?

  22. Louise Horn

    Hi, I live in Scotland, UK. Where can I buy your dresses? Or do you ship to uk?. How much are they? Thankyou

  23. Mackmark

    Wow perfect! dress for wedding an absolutely gorgeous!!!

  24. YolandaBathea

    I’m LOVE all of J’aton wedding dresses. I live in New York. Can you please inform me where I can locate J’aton wedding dress line. Best regards, Yolanda

  25. Gisella Buendía

    Hello, do you have a store in Miami?

  26. Gisella Buendía

    I want a dress for my wedding. How can I buy it?

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  28. Veronica Jenkins Moore

    Please send me pictures of your wedding dresses or a catalog Thank you.

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  31. NITESH

    In your post collection of gown amazing and stunning. If anyone looking for bridal no doubt your post really useful and showcase eye catching gown for any purpose.