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International designers truly are amazing. It proves our point of making sure to keep your options open … and global! A perfect example is UAE based designer Hamda Al Fahim.  Her mastery of romantic feminine silhouettes, make her one of the best we have ever seen. There’s enough inspiration for everyone. We loved the designer so much we posted TWO of her collections today. Enjoy !

Check out more of Hamda’s gorgeous gowns in our second post here or visit her website for more information.

  1. Bola Krafts

    all sorts of life right now, the yellow dress and the wedding dress, the flapper, the burnt orange. love all of them !!

  2. Dupe O

    breathtaking.. love the yellow dress

  3. Dania

    Can’t wait to be mega rich!

  4. thefairygodmotherng

    That green dress is stunning! Wow!

  5. Rome Wedding Team

    Dress are looking stylish. I am fan of this design

  6. Hanna

    could i order the yellow dress?

  7. Melissa Love

    how can I order the yellow dress?

  8. Holly

    How can I purchase the yellow dress?

  9. Daniela

    Where can I find the dresses!? They are so BAEutiful!!

  10. Aubrey hammersley

    Where can I order the yellow dress?