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Happy Monday friends! Today, we’re introducing some more heart-warming content to the blog. We hear this over and over- the wedding shouldn’t hold a candle to the life after; a wedding is one day, the marriage is forever… and a string of other friendly reminders emphasizing the bigger picture of a union. They’re all true. The whole essence of Aisle Perfect is celebrating couples and the love stories behind them. So now we’ve decided to share the ever-after stories of couples all over the world. To kick off this new feature, we found the perfect couple. Here’s their love story…

AP: Introduce yourselves
God fearing, middle aged, happily married couple – despite the occasional disagreement. We are totally opposite in personality, ( not unlike most couples), but have done our best to work through.  
AP: How long have you been married?
This May 2013 we will be celebrating 19yrs.
AP: How did you meet?
There are two different versions – But we can both agree we met in college through a mutual friend.
AP: What was your first impression when you met?
Husband: Wow, what a sheltered girl.
Wife:  Wow, what a charismatic dude.


AP: What is your favorite memory from your wedding?
The simplicity and authenticity – We were on a tight $200 budget and kept to it!!…. And the powerful prayer prayed over us by the Pastor.
AP: What do you admire most about your significant other? 
Husband: My wife’s dedication to God.
Wife: My husband’s positive outlook on life
AP: What does your other half do for you on your bad days to make you happy?
Husband: She Prays!!…
Wife: Does his best to be thoughtful
AP: What is the one thing you would want to do with your other half that you haven’t done already?
Travel, travel travel!!!….    Hong Kong, Brazil and South Africa
AP: What is the one habit your other half has that grinds your gears?
Husband: She can be way too straightforward.
Wife: He can get too consumed with work.
AP: What has your other half recently done that made you love them more?
Extends their grace.
AP: What is the greatest accomplishment so far in your marriage?
Our three children.

APDescribe your other half in 3 words
Husband: My wife balances, supports and completes me
Wife: My Husband is friend, confidant & lover.

AP: Finally, what advice do you have for people considering marriage & newlyweds?
Patience & Prayer. Getting into the habit of praying together even before marriage.
Don’t you just love love? I can’t thank Mr. & Mrs. Bamgboye enough for sharing their love story with us and we look forward to sharing oh-so-many ever-afters in the future! 

  1. *BolanleAP*

    love love loveeeee!…congrats on your anniversary coming up! can’t wait to read more stories

  2. Danielle (Chic Brown Bride)

    Very nice..I liked this!

  3. DrDanDNA

    aaawwnesssThis is great. I love this.Many more years of happiness to you both.I can’t wait for more ‘AP love stories’…woop woop

  4. Mielle

    Oh gosh! So testy-eyed took me a while to get through the article! Omgg AP, I loveeee this segment! The lady hasn’t aged a day! It’s makes it so real to see the wedding day and then two decades down the line. God continue to keep this couple and their children for many more decades to come!

  5. QueenandSlave25

    awww!! That’s amazing! Veterans.. Love it!x

  6. Me

    Awwwhhh I love this!! Love how honest they were too, marriage is not always a bed of roses and we tend to forget that! May God continue to less their union and grant them many more years together! Amen!

  7. Me

    And I need to know how in the world they got married in a $200 budget? Even with inflation that doesn’t seem possible… Her dress/accessories look more than that. Kudos though wish we could still do that now *

  8. dee.o

    Aww I love this!! And love this new segment

  9. Kike S

    This is amazing. Loving this new segment!x

  10. kiky

    awwwww bless! love this new segment. Shows you the reality of marriage after the oohs and aahhs of the wedding. God bless them.

  11. otherone

    I love this precious family. They are an incredible blessing to my own family and to our church family! God bless you!

  12. lerone holloway

    Awesome example of Godly love!

  13. Kristin of byPetronella

    What an amazing idea for a new addition to your blog! I always enjoy hearing about after the wedding, and this couple has made a beautiful life together!

  14. Eni

    Love this new addition.How has she not aged a day? Hmph!