This 2017, the fashion world is taking the word “statement” to a whole new level. We’re not talking about eye-catching accessories or bold, patterned separates anymore. Instead, we’re talking about voluminous, chic, statement sleeves.

No longer an understated and simple part of the shirt, statement sleeves have evolved into different shapes and volumes over the past fashion season. They’re trending well into the coming seasons and beyond. The best part? There are different styles to suit your frame and sartorial tastes. If you haven’t dived into this trend just yet, we’ve got your back. Here, we have compiled the most popular statement sleeves for you to choose from. Read on!

  • Bell Sleeves

Tapped as the hottest statement sleeves of 2017, bell sleeves are predicted to replace the cold shoulder trend from last year. This sleeve style usually flares from the elbow down to the wrists, emulating the shape of a bell; it adds a dramatic flair to any look. To reflect modern fashion, many bell sleeve designs today have a structured and sleek look to them. It easily dresses up a pair of denim jeans


  • Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves

Off-the-shoulder was the most popular sleeve style last summer. While we have shoved them to the back of our closets for more practical winter outfits, we aren’t letting go of them just yet this year! Tasteful and classy, the off-shoulder style is flattering on just about every body shape. Street style stars haven’t seen the need to wear a necklace around the collar bones—the off-shoulder style is enough a statement as it is, and the exposed skin does all the talking.

  • Bishop Sleeves

Flowy and feminine, bishop sleeves are another style trend on the rise. By default, the shape starts narrow at the shoulders, becomes fuller downwards, then gathers to create a fitted cuff around the wrist. Bigger bishop sleeves tend to create a beautiful, draped shape.

The latest versions of this sleeve style come in see-through fabric like tulle or chiffon. The sheer material creates a softer, more elegant, and undoubtedly more street-appropriate look.

Paolo Sebastian

  • Ruffle Sleeves

Ruffles have been trending for more than a couple of fashion seasons ago, and we’re thrilled to have more of them for 2017. As sleeves, ruffles can bring on serious arm party. They can come in layers for an elaborate, dimensional look; other styles have the ruffles snaking along the arm.

It’s best to keep the rest of your look minimal to make the ruffle sleeves pop, especially when it comes to your choice of silhouette and colors.


  • Long, Long Sleeves

As of late, the fashion world has had a tiny obsession with everything oversized, and from what it looks like, extra long sleeves have become a beloved new style. They’re not exactly practical, but they do turn heads. They’re slightly less dramatic in shape compared to bell or ruffle sleeves, but we love the extra edge.


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