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Happy new week friends! I am so excited to share one of my favorite people’s proposal story with you. Lekan and Tomi are such an adorable couple and I think it’s well about time that he popped the question lol. This beautiful moment was captured on video and will completely melt your hearts. I’m not going to bore you with a long intro so here you go!

How You Met
A few years ago, I was at home with a friend when he showed me a picture of this girl that lived in the same area as me. My first thought was ‘huh? How haven’t I seen or noticed her before?’ I tried to find some intel and it turned out we had a mutual friend. A couple of weeks later, as I was heading home from work, guess who I see? The SAME girl walking down the street and im like well, there you go. I happened to be going in the same direction as she was ( or maybe I wasn’t, who knows, let’s say I was). Turns out we’re entering the same grocery store. We kinda crossed paths but didn’t say a word to each other. I bought what I needed (or didn’t need) and left. From there I got our mutual friends to send some msgs on my behalf. This became that and then we became friends…..

How He Knew
It hit me on a couple of occasions. first time was some months after we met. At the time we first met, things were a little complicated in both our lives, so shortly after this we stopped talking. About 5 months later, I woke up one morning and felt the urge to send her a message after which we became friends again- good friends. We literally spoke everyday and talked about any and everything. This was weird for me, I had never really shared so much about myself with someone. At this point feelings of course started to develop but it still wasn’t the right time for us. It could just have been me “spitting game” but I mentioned to her during this time that I will marry her, and she of course laughed it off. We started a long distance relationship as she had just recently moved out of the country, adding to the list of things I found myself doing with her that I had never done before. We were lucky enough to see each other frequently (on average 2/3months) but it’s still never the same as having the person around and with you all the time. We hit a little rough patch, at which point I couldn’t have had it any clearer in my mind that she was the one.

How He asked
I had never really been one for holidays or short trips to random places in Europe until we started dating. She loves an adventure. A few months before our second vacation of the year, I decided the time had come and got to work- I was going to propose in Athens, Greece. I started ring shopping, with no clue of the amount of stress involved in picking out a ring: clarity, shape, cut blah blah, thankfully I had an idea what she liked and my friend Kunbi (of Aisle Perfect) sent me what I needed to know.  I got connected with a jeweler (Kamstones, check them out), once I said what I wanted, i looked at a couple of options and found the perfect one.

The Prep

The hotel we stayed in had a nice terrace restaurant with a view of the acropolis, which is one of Athens’ main attraction. Found a photographer that was going to take pictures, said he’d throw in a recording also (happy days!). 18th September, my 30th birthday. We had breakfast then Practically did nothing until late afternoon, went to mall briefly. Got back and started getting ready for dinner, which was going to be at the restaurant on the roof of the hotel. Dinner was for 7pm but as expected at 7pm, she was still in front of the mirror putting her make up on. Got to dinner about 7:20, then shit started to get real.

The Moment

I was hella nervous and scared but at the same time calm. She noticed the next table with two guys and some camera gear on the table, I said they’re probably tourists. She said well we’re in their way so we should move, I said nah, they were here first and chose that table so they’ll be fine. We ordered, ate and it was time. I excused myself briefly, with her wondering why? Gave myself a pep talk and splashed some water on my face. Came back out, said a little prayer and sat back down. Took her hands and asked her some questions, we talked a little bit. Well, don’t let me ruin it for you…. the photographer put together a clip of the action.

Pretty Perfect Proposal in Athens Greece from Aisle Perfect on Vimeo.








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  1. Awww the cutest proposal!!

    Awww the cutest proposal

  2. Bugo

    Awwwwww this was really beautiful

  3. Sade

    Omggggggggg wishing you guys nothing but the best!