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Engagement season is here! We love looking at photos of the soon to be husband and wife shared on social media. So how do you break the exciting news to your closest friends and family and make it more personal and fun? We’ve got you covered with 10 creative engagement announcement ideas you should totally try.

1. With pets

Who’s happier about this engagement, the couple or their fur baby? There’s nothing better than including your pups in your engagement announcement.

2. Adorable announcement mug

Short and sweet, this mug really gets to the point. Here’s to the New Year with lots of love and lots of wedding planning!

3. Signage: Signs are a fun trend so use one to express your love in your engagement session.

4. Take advantage of your location

Whether you get engaged in Paris, on top of the Empire State Building in New York City, or something simple, like at the beach, take advantage of that and snap some photos to remember that beautiful moment and special spot.

5. Spell it out with Scrabble Letters

This is a really cute way to announce an engagement and you can get creative with it down the road for every wedding anniversary that you celebrate.

6. Or with Treats

7. Take advantage of the season

Winter is the most popular season to get engaged so take advantage of the beautiful lights, snow, and mistletoes.

8. Host a party and invite your closest friends and family

If you want your engagement to be more personal, before you post all over Facebook and Instagram then this is the perfect way to announce with whom you will be spending the rest of your life.

9. Show off the goods: or take a selfie to show both yours and your fiancés reactions to the exciting news of spending the rest of your lives together! Celebrate the 3 things you love most, your fiancé, the spot you get engaged at, and your new engagement ring!

10. Tell a child 😀

This is a cute and unique way to break the story. At the next big family get together, whisper to a niece or nephew that you are getting married. They will be so excited to tell everyone that they won’t be able to keep the secret!